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Letter: There is hope for nation if we vote with our true conscience
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Is there still hope for America? It is my hope voters will look to the real issues facing our country and the necessity for a change in our direction, and not vote based solely on popularity. Let’s face it; the two people running for president are flawed.

The future for our children, grandchildren and their children is more important that keeping the status quo, or worse. The last eight years has been a catastrophe. It is alarming why a large segment of our population is unable to discern the corruption and collusion currently going on in our country.

Just think of the money spent on this pathetic election. How far would $1 billion go for research funds in finding a cure for cancer? Or helping our homeless and veterans find renewed health and hope?

Clearly, we have lost our lack of reverence for Almighty God. Even our religious freedoms are being attacked. The reason this country has survived many wars and challenges is because previously our forefathers and mothers honored our Creator and recognized the need for His wisdom and guidance. We have turned our back on Him in the past years and I fear too many times. Therefore, He has decided to let us do things our way.

Check out our country’s problems. How is doing things our way and rebellion working out for us so far? I fear we are seeing the beginning of serious consequences for our stubbornness. God will not be mocked.

To answer the question is there still hope for America?

Yes, but only if we as nation (and as individuals) spend serious time with our Creator in prayer and seek His forgiveness for our arrogant, rebellious nature before it is too late. We should also ask for His will to be done not only in this election process, but going forward. He has said if we will turn from our wicked ways and repent, He will heal our land — and does it ever need healing.

Keep in mind neither of these candidates are going to resolve all of our problems, none without God’s direction. He is ultimately in charge of all outcomes. But He does use people to carry out His will and purpose.

I pray you will vote so maybe we can hold on to our country’s real values as a free society, endowed by our Creator with liberty and justice for all. To that end, the Bible teaches it is appointed to all of us to die and face judgment before God. Therefore how will you answer God when he asks “How could you support and elect someone to the highest office in your country when they advocated and approved the continued destruction and elimination of my creation, unborn children?”

What if He had ordained one of these unborn children the answer and skill to develop a cure to eradicate cancer or mental health?

Jim Simpson

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