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Letter: Reservoirs would create jobs, save water for the next drought
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Mr. President: When I last wrote you on Nov. 4, we were four days prior to the election and six months into a devastating drought. We and millions of others were praying for you and your family and your election. Congratulations on your, as pundits say, “stunning and improbable victory.” Thank you for choosing people of strong character for your Cabinet and administration. The task is long and daunting. Much prayer, humility and backbone will be needed in the face of loud opposition.

Our water situation is the same. In fact, further deterioration has taken place. Lake Lanier is currently 10 feet below full pool with no end in sight for our drought. We see a pattern of drought followed by times of excess rain, causing severe flooding, death and injury. As recently as 2015-16, Georgia experienced twice as much rain as normal (96 inches as opposed to 48). Where did the excess water go? After lots of property damage and loss of life, the fresh water flowed down the Chattahoochee River and into Apalachicola Bay. Was the oyster and shrimp industry harmed by too much fresh water added to the bay? No!

I had a dream much like Pharoah’s in Egypt. His was of seven fat cows coming out of the Nile River followed by seven lean cows that then devoured the seven fat ones. Joseph interpreted the dream as seven years of abundant wheat crop to be followed by seven years of famine. Egypt was to store much of the abundant crop in new locked-up barns. Then in the seven years of famine, the stored grain should be carefully distributed by Joseph. The prophecy was fulfilled and Egypt, along with Joseph’s family from Canaan, was saved.

We are in a similar situation. Over the past 30 years, we have had chances to build reservoirs for water during periods of drought, but we haven’t set aside the needed funds and built them. When the rains came, we weren’t ready. The question is when the rains come again in 2018-20, will we be ready?

Please, Mr. President, this would create jobs, infrastructure building and training for the unemployed. We will continue to pray for you, your family, your administration and our beloved country.

P.S.: On the 11 p.m. news Feb. 18, our local station showed a snippet of your rally in Melbourne, Fla. You were just going to make a comment on President Barack Obama when you were cut off. Typical media. You won more than 30 states and the electoral election, and that’s all that counts. We and every person we know support you, so don’t listen to the blue noise.

David and Debbie Liddell

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