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Letter: Recipe for change wont come from establishment candidates
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Bruce Vandiver has a great grasp of the obvious (“Recipe for change needed to cure our political lethargy,” Thursday letters column). He carefully defines the ongoing difficulties and failures. He does not, however, not have a grasp on the person who can do what needs to be done to right a sinking ship. With the efforts of our “establishment” Republicans? It seems that he is not in favor, as he belittles him, of Mr. Donald Trump.

In fairness, he does disparage Ted Cruz, who seems to deserve the criticism of claiming to be an outsider when exhibiting the ongoing stance of the establishment. On the same page with Mr. Vandiver’s letter is a column by Kathleen Parker about Jeb Bush in which she writes about the folly of his “attacks on Mr. Trump.” Thanks for the advance notice, Jeb.

Is Trump aggressive? Obnoxious at times? A showman? Yes, but he also has the laser-like ability to identify those problems Mr. Vandiver so adroitly chronicled. He has touched the masses. Now he has to convert his campaign into victory for Republicans and the people of our great country.

Roger T. Ray

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