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Letter: New president is a threat to nations future
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Whoever wrote the editorial in the Jan. 22 edition of The Times had their head buried in the sand. The gist of the editorial was that we should relent and assist Donald Trump to make America great again. It would be asinine to spin our wheels on a government gone completely awry.

As of Jan. 20, the end of the United States as the world’s dominant nation began its downward spiral for as long as this maniacally narcissistic, immoral president (not mine) desecrates the White House. To prevent the country from going into further descent and destruction of our democracy, it will be necessary to oust the unfettered demagogue in Washington. The fact he lost the popular vote, winning only the Electoral College, and that millions of women and a good number of men carried out gigantic protests following his inauguration indicates he is not the choice of the majority of us voters, since he has absolutely no qualifications or demeanor for governing our (currently) grand nation.

An example of his disdain for the truth and self-aggrandizement is his claim that as many as 3 million voters committed fraud when polls failed to find a single one.

While it is said by some the knowledgeable people with whom he is surrounding himself will influence his decisions for the better, his selection of department heads was catastrophic. Two, Michael Flynn and Scott Pruitt, had advocated eliminations of the very departments he appointed them to manage. His choice of Pruitt for the Environmental Protection Agency was particularly appalling since it will seal the fate of Barack Obama’s climate change work and countless scientific discoveries and endeavors. Several others, such as secretary of state, attorney general and education secretary, were very questionable.

Minorities, the poor and middle class will suffer greatly from the loading of his staff with predominantly white billionaires and millionaires. He will no doubt see that he and the rest of the top 1 percent continue to get their tax breaks and other financial considerations.

There is not another person in the country as morally depraved and uninformed as the current president, who in another era would have been a laughingstock and ignored by voters. The protests following the inauguration were a momentous event, but must become a momentous movement in order to remove this ominous threat to the United States.

Jim Scharnagel

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