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Letter: McDonalds defies image of greed with worker wage hikes
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I love it when conventional wisdom is proved wrong. I refer to Wednesday’s op-ed page and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch piece about a well-known fast food restaurant, “Better-paid employees: McDonald’s is lovin’ it.”

And I hate to admit when I’m proved wrong. Of all the corporate fast food establishments, McDonald’s, always stood for everything bad about this kind of operation. You know the list, but at the top was the exploitation of an economic underclass. I avoided those golden arches as an act of conscience.

Then I needed a cup of coffee and a place to confer with a family member. McDonald’s was the closest and I reneged. The coffee was excellent, the tables and bathroom clean, and the service was great.

Now I learn find they’re one of the first in the fast food industry to raise wages. What’s not to love about that?

Joan O. King

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