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Letter: Letters on target over campus guns, term limits for politicians

The two letters in Monday’s paper hit the nail on the head for me.

Jeff Casper’s letter about the stupid “campus carry” law makes a good case for a good Gov. Nathan Deal veto (which he did not do; shame on him). Casper does overlook the exception on carrying a gun into a classroom; you cannot carry a gun into a classroom when there is a high school student taking the course along with the college students. So, if I’m allowed to carry a gun on campus and want to take it to my English 101 class I must go first to the school enrollment office and learn if there are any high school students doing joint enrollment. If there are none, I can carry my gun to class. If there is just one high school student in the class I must leave my gun locked in my car where it will be secure. What an insane law.

Clarence Huhman’s letter on term limits is directed only at the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama). This is far too limiting. Considering the failure of both houses in the U.S. legislative branches plus the Georgia legislature, a term limit for all politicians should be a part of the federal and state and local governments. A political office should not be life-time employment. Two terms is enough in any office. I say “move up or move out” to all our elected officials.

Howard A. Stacy

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