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Letter: Its time to put a third party choice in place
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I believe there is almost universal agreement this election cycle that we are only going to get to choose which candidate will do the least harm. It is without a doubt; the lesser of two evils, and when that is the only choice you have, the result is not going to be good for anyone.

There are other options in this election, not only in the presidential race but in many lower races. The Libertarian Party has presidential candidates on the ballot in all 50 states, and the Green Party has candidates in some states. Both of these parties have a very hard time getting any press coverage because the media is very focused on the extreme sides of both major parties; it is what sells advertising.

Many people who admit they do not like ether major party choices say a third party vote may allow one or the other major party candidate to win, and their vote will be wasted. That may be true, and now is the time to show we are tired of the option of only having two choices that have been taken over by the extreme elements of both. A strong showing of a third party this election will show both parties how many people are fed up with the status quo of the politics as it is now.

With the terrible choices we have now I’m not sure it matters which candidate wins; either way we are in for a rough four years. A strong showing of a third party might set up much better choices in the next presidential race (which will start on Nov. 9).

This strategy might also break the trend that has developed over the years of voters not really investigating what their vote stands for. In the system we now have, too many people just “vote the party” because their parents did, or their preacher told them to, or some celebrity said they should. Having more choices may force more voters to actually understand what they are voting for, and make more informed choices.

We the voters have brought us to this point. For too many years, many of us have been too busy or too lazy to dig into what we really want this country to be, and not even consider looking into or understanding all the options that will get us there. For too long, we have allowed our politicians to get elected just because they follow one party line or the other but not because they do what is right for the whole country.

It is time to make your vote really count, and rock the system to its core by voting for real options, not just another major party front man.

Tom Vivelo
Flowery Branch

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