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Letter: Income equalitys free lunch would kill all incentive to strive, succeed
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In days gone by farmers would use a long stick with a carrot hanging on a string to entice their mule to pull their cart to market. They would dangle the carrot a few inches in front of the mule, just out of reach, and the mule would keep walking toward it attempting to taste success in reaching the goal.

Income inequality is the carrot on a string for capitalism, for a free society. It is what motivates people to learn more and work harder in an attempt to taste the good life. To receive the rewards for their efforts.

Income inequality is what caused me to leave a job paying a dollar an hour for one that paid $1.90. I left that job for one that paid $2.60. I attended college on the money I earned in the hopes of one day earning more. Each step along the way was motivated by the desire to earn, emphasis on earn, more and taste the rewards of hard work and perseverance. God blessed my efforts and I am thankful.

The left, the liberals and progressives, speak against income inequality as though it were a conspiracy of some sort. They promote the idea of income equality without regard to equality of effort. They support the idea that everyone gets an equal portion. Everyone is limited in their dreams and potential. Everyone loses their freedom in order that everyone is guaranteed the same level of mediocrity.

Since 2008, the number of citizens living below poverty level has doubled according to the department of agriculture and reported in The Times. That is the result of government encroachment on our freedom and socialist policies of our current administration.

With income equality, there is no purpose in a college education or, for that matter, a high school diploma. Why put in the effort if the rewards will be the same?

Income equality would be the greatest killer of motivation, innovation and education anyone could possibly imagine.

Our Constitution states that we have certain inalienable rights. These are not rights granted by government. They are rights granted by our Creator. These rights, exercised in a free society, allow each individual to achieve their maximum potential based on their God given gifts and talents, while enjoying the maximum personal freedom. This freedom has resulted in the greatest, most affluent society in history.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. To taste the carrot you have to pull the cart to market.

Thomas Day

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