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Letter: Immigration rules now lead to deportation for traffic cases
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Thanks for your editorial on Sunday regarding immigration issues. I think there is one fact you may have gotten wrong and that is that under the new administration, every noncitizen is equally prioritized for deportation when they go before the immigration court.

Under the Obama administration, there were three tiers of priority, with gang members and drug dealers at the top, violent misdemeanors and DUIs in the middle, and low-level traffic offenders (no license and such) at the bottom. This meant that you could get prosecutorial discretion to forbear in deporting the traffic offenders. Now that’s gone.

Traffic offenders coming out of Hall County’s 287(g) program are as likely as anyone else to be deported, including the so-called “bad hombres.” That’s the biggest misconception, that we are mostly deporting drug dealers and gang members. The truth is far more deportations are of traffic offenders.

What’s worse, the current administration is authorizing arrest and deportation of DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival) kids with charges, not convictions. So the mere accusation of a crime, however erroneous, will get you deported just as fast as if you had a DUI or drug conviction.

Arturo Corso