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Letter: If you dont want to fear the law, come into the US legally
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In reading the letter on Thursday’s Opinion page from Arturo Adame, I am quite dumbfounded. But that’s not a state new to me in the last few months. It never ceases to amaze me that some people just will never get “it,” no matter what.

I get offended by anyone who thinks our laws do not apply to them. Mr. Adame stated that Immigration Customs Enforcement isn’t “simply there to keep our citizens and residents safe, but to keep the Latino people in fear.” The only people who should be in “fear” are the criminals. If you crossed the border into my country, you broke the law! What’s so hard to understand about that? Why should we not enforce the laws of our land?

We don’t make the decision to destroy families. Those who came here illegally took that upon themselves, and now you want to deride us, call us names and tell us we should just overlook the fact they are here illegally? Seriously?

Should we also let go a 19-year-old go who robbed someone? He, too, just wanted a better life. Let’s bend the law for him, too.

The letter stated that a child may have to grow up without a father over something for which a citizen would get “a slap on the wrist.” Again, there is a big difference between being a citizen and being here illegally. It said the terms “illegal” and “alien” dehumanize. Sorry, but I prefer to call it what it is. Would you rather we use the word “criminals?” That’s what they became when they crossed that border illegally.

I have nothing against Latinos or any other immigrants who want to come to this great country. Just do it legally and you won’t have to live in fear. I am very tired of all the whining from the illegal sector. I notice a lot of Latinos who are being deported have been here for years. Why in the world did they not take steps in all that time to become legal?

As for relying on Latino labor, those jobs got done before they came and they’ll get done without them if they go. Man up, go home and come back legally. You will be welcomed.

Teena Welch

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