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Letter: If housing, income are your problem, vote for the right solutions
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If you are over 40 you should already know what I’m about to say. If you are under 40, hopefully this will help you stop worrying about what you read in The Times over the past week about people having a real problem finding a place to live that they can afford.

Here is the solution to the problem: Go register to vote. Then vote this November for the most politically conservative person running for office.

If you don’t know which one is “conservative,” vote for a Republican. Conservative Republicans in Washington are planning to do the following in 2017: reform federal tax laws, reform welfare rules and reform health care laws, among other things.

Doing these things, if conservatives are successful with voters’ support, will cause more smart people to start new small businesses. Millions of them. These small businesses will hire people. Many millions of them. As theses millions of new businesses thrive because of lower taxes and reduced, costly federal regulations, they will hire even more people and, overall, pay higher wages.

People and families will be able, if their priorities are to make their lives better, to upgrade their housing across the board because they will be fully employed and making more money.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said recently, “When people know they will keep more of their hard-earned money (because of tax reform), they will work more, save more, invest more, and create more jobs for all of us.”

If you’d like proof that this solution will actually work, simply Google the presidential election of 1980. Then read further about the U.S/ economy from 1980 through 1999. History can repeat itself, with your vote.

Rick Frommer

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