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Letter: Health insurance is a new form of tyranny for Americans
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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010: What a misnomer! Mine neither protects me nor is affordable. Every time I pay my premium, my blood pressure goes up.

Congress is unwilling to stand up and fight for the people of this country on this subject. And the presidential election is still a long way off.

There has to be an answer. There has to be a way. There are enough of us to make a difference. What plan can “we the people” come up with to change this intrusion and takeover of our health and lives and livelihood?

What would happen, if say, on Jan. 2, we all canceled our health insurance? Extreme and crazy, one might say. Yes indeed, but we are Americans! We’ve always done the impossible. We’ve always chosen to die free than to live under tyranny. Are we those same people today? They’ve take our health, our freedom to choose and our money.

There was a boat called the Mayflower. The people on it were families, just like we are. But they took action. They actually walked out of their houses, got on a boat, left their family and friends and jobs and everything behind, all for the dream, the hope, of a better life.

Would we? Would you?

Does somebody have a plan?

Mandy Harris

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