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Letter: Georgia and all states should celebrate their individual histories
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I congratulate The Times for having a small article about “Georgia celebrates 284th birthday, in the Feb. 13 paper, page 4A, located in the lower left corner. I live in Savannah for 20 years and attending this birthday celebration event each year, I thought that this birthday celebration of Georgia’s history was observed through the state. However, I learned that this was not really true.

I am not originally from Georgia however I have lived in Georgia since 1965, I truly believe all states should recognize and celebrate their own special state history month.

Black history is great and should be recognize and celebrated, for I have learned much by this, but it is not the only history in founding and settling of Georgia. We want our young people to know the history of our great country, but we do very little to help them learn.

As I have heard of one history professor and other teachers say, state and other history is taught but not always accurately.

Again, I really was glad to read this article in your newspaper. Maybe next year, one time a week or one time a month, an article more attentive focused on Georgia’s history, both black and white. We should all be proud and educated about where we live.

Rich Sheldon

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