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Letter: Forget Clintons emails; Trumps flip-flops, policy ideas are far worse
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RE: Hillary Clinton’s emails. This seeming rehash of this subject resulted from the recent untimely action of FBI Director James Comey reopening his initial statement that the matter was closed.

Clinton, while beset with email inconsistencies, does have the experience and knowledge to grapple with the nation’s many thorny problems. And she is nowhere in the league for untruthfulness with her uninformed, asinine opponent.

The obvious reason Donald Trump is running for president is solely for the personal aggrandizement of himself rather than to “Make America great.” He has no idea, nor does he care, what it will take to keep our nation on an even keel, particularly as we enter an era of increased globalization.

For instance, Trump has called for an increase of countries that have nuclear capabilities, pulling out of NATO and thus diluting our power and that of our allies in resistance to Russia and other hostile countries. Just as he flip-flops on issues facing his candidacy (three times in about an hour on abortion), nothing would prevent him from doing so in dealing with other nations or such crucial matters. The desire of voters for change, or to vote for the party in spite of Trump’s inability to meet the requirements of president, is totally unbelievable.

This unprecedented election promises now to be close, so in order to protect the ideals of our country and democracy as a whole, get out and vote. The time is very short.

Jim Scharnagel

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