Hall returning to in-person school on hybrid schedule Jan. 19
Hall County Schools will return to an in-person hybrid schedule beginning Tuesday, Jan. 19, after the school system reported stabilizing COVID-19 numbers and “significantly” decreased student cases, Superintendent Will Schofield announced Thursday morning.
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Letter: Enota Road bypass could lead to a dangerous traffic flow
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As both a resident of the area and a safety professional, I would like to voice concerns over the proposed bypass of Enota Road. Of greatest concern is the safety of young children.

Noise and odors may become hazardous to health beyond nuisance level. I cannot imagine sending a child to school with diesel fumes and chicken smell (think of possible avian flu) constantly in the air at recess and, possibly brought into the building via air handling units.

Chemicals, toxic and corrosive vapors are commonly hauled these days and an 80,000-pound gross vehicle weight semi-truck crashing in the area could have dire consequences.

The biggest issue is security concerns. Two entrances would make Enota an easy target for people wanting to cause harm. To have little kids face a potential two-front situation, being surrounded with no place to go is downright chilling.

It is a reality in today’s world that needs to be taken into consideration as no one is immune from these. Best thing to do is prevent what could happen rather than wait to be surrounded and figure out what to do then.

Then there is trying to get semis from Thompson Bridge to South Enota, primarily residential roadway. Imagine trucks, with the diesel smoke and burning clutches, as the drivers go through the gears trying to make this hill. Dropping a gear and grinding up the hill will create tons of noise and other pollutants as well as traffic tie-ups on both ends. Traffic behind these rigs will be much worse than the current non-situation.

Riverside Drive is a safe place for walkers, runners and families to enjoy. Addition of these commercial trucks will destroy one of the few residential walking areas in Hall County let alone the city.

The busy Enota/Park Hill intersection already has crashes fairly regularly. The thought of someone trying to beat a chicken truck across the light will increase traffic crashes and thereby making traffic much worse than today.

Here is reality and something to consider: Green Street is a commercial highway and the flattest route for semi trucks to operate on. As it is a state highway already, and that the former grand houses of yesteryear are businesses, why not widen this road a little to make it safer if this is of concern? The sidewalks are in need of attention and this could be rolled into the project making Gainesville look like they also are concerned for the walkers and active people in the community as well as traffic safety.

Then, the wooded area that has had surveyors all through it the past week at the corner of Cumberland Valley and Enota (moving ahead without comment?) could be made into a nice greenspace/park as in other areas.

As this is already moving ahead the lack of transparency is frightening. Citizens in the area need to speak up, now!

Jim O’Dell

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