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Letter: Despite low election, Clinton is clearly the greater of two evils
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This campaign for president is, to say the least, the most insidious, smutty, vile display of bad behavior on the part of both candidates that I have ever witnessed in my 74 years. Like so many other Americans, I am greatly perplexed and disheartened by the candidates we are left to pick from. We passed over a number of viable, much more deserving and qualified candidates to settle on the worst possible two choices for president I could imagine.

Our choice is: Do we want Donald Trump, who is not a great public speaker or debater, and has a bit of an attitude? Or do we want a woman who has, over her years in the public eye, been the center of so many suspicious, questionable acts; she has proven to be a habitual liar. She is quick to question the demeanor of Trump to have the self-control to run our nation, but myriad information is available offering insight into her displays of rage and her hateful words. In addition, stories have alleged the fate of many who have dared to “cross the Clintons.”

Hillary Clinton displays a vibrant, self-confident, smiling “servant” of the American people while the cameras are rolling. But trust me, beyond the public’s eye, this Dr. Jekyll becomes Mrs. Hyde. Hillary has already told us she supports higher taxes, the radical “Black Lives Matter” group, open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants. She intends to load the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will, over time, scuttle our Second Amendment rights. She supports Planned Parenthood that murders our unborn babies daily. She has proposed increasing the influx of Muslim refugees into our nation.

On Facebook video, I witnessed a speech of Clinton’s to a large audience of women in which she said her administration, religious evangelicals and people of faith would have to reel in their beliefs and free speech if it conflicts with her policies.

Americans, think, consider and vote wisely. This may be our last chance to survive. We have two choices. I implore all Americans to pick the obvious “lesser of two evils.” If we fail, America is finished. May almighty God have mercy on our nation.

Mickey Montgomery

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