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Letter: Despite critics and protesters, Trump has us on right path
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Jim Scharnagel and Ruben Navarrette couldn’t have presented a more different picture or description of President Donald Trump in Tuesday’s issue of The Times.

Jim used demeaning terms to describe our president, and how Trump should have lost because he lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote handily. It made no difference to him that Trump won the vast majority of the country while Hillary Clinton won only a few large cities and population centers across the country.

The Electoral College was established in order that a tiny portion of the land base, much of who depend upon the government for subsistence (the 48 percent who cost Mitt Romney the election), do not control the election. Doesn’t it make you wonder how so many people could just quit working and spend so much time protesting? It might be revealing to know just how many of the protesters were receiving government subsistence, and how many were actually paid.

His description of Trump as “morally depraved and uninformed” is especially laughable. Barack Obama had no background, other than as a community organizer, and refused to allow any of his personal history to be vetted. Why the tight lid on such personal information?

Ruben has expressed some problems with Trump in the past, but went out of his way to point out some of the trials and tribulations that Trump went through in reaching his current position. His description of Trump as the Rocky Balboa of politics was especially appropriate.

Obama stated in more than one speech that this country was too strong and needed to be taken down. He accomplished his goal by making this country weaker in military strength, increasing the country’s debt and establishing Muslims who have ties to radical Islam in critical offices. His protection of radical Muslim and Sharia law would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

Trump, however, is the epitome of patriotism. His temporary ban on immigration from radical Muslim countries is just what this country needs. As pointed out, it’s temporary, and well justified by the violent actions of Muslims throughout the world.

More power to Trump!

Monte E. Seehorn

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