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Letter: Deplorables in Clintons basket are proud of their sacred values
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I would like to present a somewhat different version of life in the “basket” as opposed to some who have revulsion at rubbing elbows with unwashed.

We believe that all life is sacred, white, brown, yellow, black and any combination thereof. We do not worship at the altar of Molech, where some 60 million, innocent, white, brown, yellow, black and any combination have been slaughtered.

We also believe we live in the greatest nation on this ball of dirt and our Creator had a vital part in its formation and we have a compelling obligation to honor Him for it.

We believe government was formed not to enslave its citizen but for their mutual welfare and protection and that all men are created equal in application of the law.

We also believe that man and government are capable of horrific abuse and bloody deeds and they, the citizens, should have some recourse when this occurs — therefore the Second Amendment.

We believe the less fortunate should be given a helping hand. I think this is starkly evident and demonstrated daily by the millions of “basket” volunteers here and throughout the world.

We believe there are certain moral guidelines that need to be adhered to for safety and health reasons. When they are violated or ignored, it eventually leads to the disintegrations of society. This belief is overwhelming vindicated by history.

We believe that marriage was conceived by our Creator as between a man and woman for the purpose of propagating the human race, and the traditional family plays an essential part in this concept.

We believe many people and families have given their lives and fortunes so that we are able to enjoy the many benefits of being a citizen of this great nation. Therefore, we have an unyielding obligation to honor with great reverence the sacrifice made on our behalf by paying due respect for its symbol and anthem. Also, when wars are fought the “basket” people go.

These are some but not all of the principles and beliefs that govern the lives of the “deplorables” who labor, obey the laws, pay their taxes, serve their country and strive to make us great again. By the way, a note for you Clintionians: If your goal is to convert this country into a basket case, you have picked the most qualified person for the job.

Gary Gambrell

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