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Letter: Christian values should embrace a tolerance for our differences
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The headline read “Christian persecution grows in America.” I don’t know if columnist Star Parker wrote the headline or someone at The Times did, but, it was probably intended to be inflammatory and divisive. That seems to be the goal of the modern media these days.

She wrote, “what we are experiencing now is growing religious persecution in our country.” I do not see that; what I see is a world growing tired of religion. At least religions that preach hate and intolerance of people who do not believe in their particular vision of what is right or wrong.

Why would anyone, especially someone who is supposed to promote love and peace in the world, “passionately preach in her church against homosexuality?” People have the right to live their lives as they see fit as long as they do no harm to others. If everyone followed the creed of “do no harm to other people,” the world would be a better, more peaceful place to live.

Not too many years ago, some preachers vilified and preached how black people were less important to God than other people, and should be treated as second-class citizens and worse. I wonder if Ms. Parker would defend their actions as strongly as she is defending Kim Burrell?

Ms. Parker goes on to point out that the rejection of homosexual behavior comes from biblical scripture. Biblical scripture is a religious belief, and if you believe that lifestyle is wrong for you, then don’t practice homosexual behavior; that is your right. But to impose your religious belief on other people causes much of the trouble and hate that is filling our world. It is the same logic religious extremists use to kill people who do not believe the way they do.

All people should keep in mind the Bible was written by men, many men over many years. All of these men had agendas, some very good, some very evil. When these agendas preach against people who are doing no harm to other people, they should be ignored or rejected.

In the last part of this column are thoughts about Christian values. It implies any values that are not Christian values are somehow less valuable. One does not have to believe in Christ or a God to be a good person or a good citizen. If you do not agree with that position, it is a form of prejudice.

Living your life by a simple rule — do no harm to others that do not directly harm you or your family — is as good as anything in the Bible, and will promote a more peaceful world.

Tom Vivelo
Flowery Branch

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