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Letter: Americans should stop being PC, support their traditional values
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Bona Allen

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Jim Croce warned, “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.” Back then, men mimicked the Man of Steel by standing for truth, justice and the “American way.” Today, many men, especially today’s middle-aged and younger segment of our population, have been devitalized and relegated to the passivity of only spectating.

Hearing clips of the Democrats’ convention in Philly jolted me to wonder how we got here and, more of a concern, where we are going. Truth is replaced by political correctness (PC, aka pernicious counterfeit) and relativism. Justice is replaced by selective application of our former bedrock rule of law.

The “American way,” exemplified by our founders, pioneers, those living through the great depression, and those fighting in World Wars I and II, Korean War, Vietnam and the Middle East, is replaced by apathy for most and dependence for many.

This new America has been brought about by America detractors, Fabian socialists (Democratic socialism), Marxists, PC disciples, relativists, pure secularists and power-hungry, political opportunists.

Rather than living by principle, too many passively live to create the fewest waves possible. They live in deathly fear of not conforming to today’s culture and, horror of horrors, being singled out as traditional, patriotic, having moral values, or someone who’s standing for something that used to be considered righteous.

The DNC reminded us of the dire risks and our jeopardy if we continue to live in apathy and keep silent, fearing we’ll be socially ostracized.

Democrats (aka, leftists, liberals, progressives and statists) and their sycophantic media called the Republican convention “dark.” But, truth be told, the dark shroud over our nation is woven of lack of accountability, confrontation and owned consequences, or retribution. Democrats wear this malicious mantle proudly.

That dark, dismal, stifling shroud begets even bigger government, higher taxes, ever more regulations, ill-conceived trade deals, irrational foreign policy, the undermining of our Constitution, family intrusion and efforts to violate, and even abolish, our Bill of Rights.

A national nightmare is the possibility of being under the leadership of someone who lies for self-interest and self-protection, who has a documented and proven record of corruption, who believes human lives are expendable, and who personifies the absolute worst in politics.

But our worst nightmare would be American citizens under the unconstitutional rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court stacked with activist, leftist judges. They could overrule laws passed by our duly-elected Congress and completely negate the will of the people. This would be full-blown tyranny.

Let’s pray that God will have mercy, turn the tide in America, and call forth men steeled to oppose evil and tyranny and with a steely determination to protect and defend their wives, their children and their country.

Gary B. Hulsey

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