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Letter: Americans deserve better health option than GOP bill
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Health care really is a complex topic. One reason health care is tricky is because my health is not solely determined by my choices, but by my neighbors, my co-workers and even people I have never met. Diseases arise seemingly out of nowhere to spread among us. Accidents happen when we least expect them. That is why we all need some sort of insurance.

Most other countries have figured out that sharing the costs and the care across all citizens results in lower costs, better health and longer lives for everyone in the country, rich or poor, smart or not.

Every other first-world country has some form of universal health care. The citizens of every other first world country pay significantly less, on average, than Americans. The citizens of every other first world country live longer, on average, than Americans. As Americans, we can do better, and we deserve better.

The Affordable Care Act definitely moved the ball in a positive direction for America. Everything I have studied about the “first part” of the American Health Care Act indicates that it moves the ball in a negative direction.

Join me in urging our legislators to work to bring America up to first-world standards.

James C. Bedingfield

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