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Work starts on replacing pipe that failed during rain
A pipe failed early last week under Stoney Creek Drive in Flowery Branch, leaving this gaping hole in the residential area. Installation of the new pipe began Monday. - photo by LISA LASKEY

Homeowners on Stoney Creek Drive, off Deaton Road in Flowery Branch, won’t have to wait much longer on the reconstruction of their road after a pipe failed under the residential street last week.

Work began Monday to install a new pipe, Hall County spokeswoman Katie Crumley said.

The needed Class IV concrete pipe was out of stock when heavy rains hit Monday, exacerbating the street’s condition. The original pipe most likely failed due to age, with banding coming apart and the corrugated metal construction failing.

“None of the suppliers had this size and class pipe in stock, including surrounding states, so the pipe had to be manufactured,” Crumley said.

Once fabricated, the pipe could not be delivered until its concrete hardened. That happened Friday.

“Hall County engineers have been observing the site at least twice daily,” Crumley said, “and they will continue to do so until repairs are complete.”

While residents await a rebuilt road, Crumley said the county’s contractor has stabilized the surrounding slopes and provided down drains to divert standing road water safely into a creek to avoid further erosion.

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