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Williams pick earns praise from co-workers
Union County Schools Associate Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Williams is the lone finalist to replace Gainesville City Schools superintendent Wanda Creel. His selection is expected to be approved at the Board of Education’s May 1 meeting.

Colleagues who have worked with and known Jeremy Williams praised the Gainesville City Schools’ lone finalist for superintendent for his interpersonal skills and innovative approaches for improving education.

“I’ve known Jeremy for a decade,” said Hall County Superintendent Will Schofield. “He’s extremely bright. He’s a man of integrity and I think he’ll bring a lot of excitement in terms of the potential for new ideas.”

Gary Stepp, a retired superintendent who hired Williams as his associate superintendent in Union County, called Williams “the full package.”

“He’s one of the strongest young educational leaders in the state of Georgia,” Stepp said.”He has a lot more skills than I ever had and I was a superintendent for 18 years in three different systems. He’s got great interpersonal skills; he gets along with everybody. He is very easy to talk to, he listens well. He’s innovative in his thoughts about how to make education better for children.”

Stepp said he gave Williams opportunities to work in areas that are normally roles for a superintendent because the school board “wanted to impact somebody that wants to be a superintendent at some point in time.”

“He’s willing to let teachers take chances to try new ideas to see if they work,” Stepp added. “I found out years ago that if you don’t do that, you kill people’s enthusiasm by not giving them the opportunity to try some things differently. He is real strong in the area of statistics and data. That’s a real plus because today in education you’ve got to look at that data and you’ve got to know where your kids are, how they’re doing, what they’re not doing well in and what kind of measures you’re going to take to get them where they need to be.”

Barbara Dahncke, finance director for Union County, has worked with Williams for the past five years.

“He is a very good person,” she said. “In working with him, what you see and how he interacts what are his goals are to help the students, it just makes a difference. Gainesville City Schools are very lucky to be getting him as superintendent.”

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