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Why road reflectors aren’t coming to I-985 just yet
09042017 Interstate 2.jpg

An Interstate 985 resurfacing project to include replacement of roadway reflectors won’t start Monday, Feb. 25, after all.

“The reason has to do with approvals for the project’s waste pit,” Georgia Department of Transportation district spokeswoman Katie Strickland said. “We have to have permits and such in place for environmental compliance.”

A new start date isn’t known, at this point.

The project was awarded to a contractor in September 2018.

When it gets rolling, it “will be done in stages and will be completed by the end of the summer,” Strickland has said.

Earlier, she said the work would be done nightly, starting at 7 p.m. and going until 6 a.m., Sundays through Fridays.

Motorists have been particularly interested in the new reflectors.

The “raised pavement markers are considered an excellent safety asset, enhancing visibility during nighttime driving, especially during rain events,” Strickland said.

Over time, “their wear includes fading from sunlight, removal by traffic impact and winter plowing activities,” she said. “Routinely replacing these reflectors is considered general maintenance of a roadway during its life cycle.”

Last fall, the DOT announced that construction crews would begin $9.5 million worth of road improvements, starting in mid-February, replacing pavement markings and smoothing areas where previous slab replacements were made.

The work will feel like adding a new “fresh coat of paint,” the DOT said.

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