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Where Gainesville is extending, connecting Midtown Greenway next
07042018 TRAIL 04.jpg
A cyclist on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, reaches the end of the Midtown Greenway at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Gainesville. The city is planning to extend the greenway from MLK south to Industrial Boulevard. - photo by David Barnes

The city of Gainesville will soon extend the Midtown Greenway south and connect it to the pedestrian bridge over Jesse Jewell Parkway.

Phase 2 of the Midtown Greenway project will extend the trail from its end at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard south to Industrial Boulevard, according to Rusty Ligon, Gainesville’s community development director.

The project also includes connecting the greenway where it crosses Parker Street to the pedestrian bridge over Jesse Jewell Parkway.

Midtown Greenway map
A map provided by the city of Gainesville shows the existing and planned routes of the Midtown Greenway.

Ligon said work on the project will hopefully begin by the end of the year. The project has received $500,000 in state funding, which will be matched with $125,000 in city funds, he said.

The city also will look at other grant opportunities to further extend the trail from Industrial Boulevard to Palmour Drive near the Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport, Ligon said.

The goal is to connect to the Highlands to Islands Trail, a multi-use trail system that will connect several existing and future trails throughout Hall County.

“There’s a vision for a larger trail network. We’re working on putting all those pieces together now,” Ligon said.

07042018 TRAIL 06.jpg
A sign guides pedestrians across a road near the Midtown Greenway in Gainesville. - photo by David Barnes