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Wachovia almost a memory
Local Wells Fargo transition should be complete in the next week
Workers put up the new Wells Fargo sign Saturday on the former Wachovia Building at the intersection of Jesse Jewell and E.E. Butler parkways. - photo by Tom Reed

This weekend, the local Wachovia transition to Wells Fargo should be nearly complete.

The two companies merged in 2008 and the conversion of the Wachovia branches began a year later in states including Colorado, Arizona and Illinois.

Georgia customers can begin using newly issued Wells Fargo debit cards beginning Saturday.

“Customers have to remember that they must activate their (new) card before they’ll be able to use it,” said Jay Lawrence, Wells Fargo spokesman. “We recommend that you activate it immediately. Once it’s activated, you can start using it (Saturday).”

Although it is unlikely customers will have any issues using their new cards, Lawrence said account holders shouldn’t panic if their card doesn’t work this weekend.

“Customers can do a few things. If their Wells Fargo card happens to not work, they can go ahead and use their Wachovia card — it should still work for a few days,” Lawrence said. “They should also stop by their local branch and let them know that their card isn’t working.”

Wachovia customers will be able to use their current checks and deposit slips until they run out, since account numbers won’t be changing, Lawrence said.

Not all Wachovia customers have received a new debit card. Some bank clients with a more “complex account relationship” may not be converted immediately to the new Wells Fargo options.

“Customers will just continue banking as they normally do,” said Jamie Dexter, Wachovia corporate spokeswoman. “They should be sure to pay attention to the information that we send to them in the mail and follow the directions that are provided.

The transition period is different from customer to customer.”

Wells Fargo will officially unveil its new Gainesville banking centers on Oct. 26, with a special open house at the location at 1368 Browns Bridge Road. The event will begin at 2 p.m., and will include a tour of the new facility.

“All of the stores have been remodeled and include an online banking station — that’s kind of a new feature,” Lawrence said.

“We want to give our customers the opportunity to see all of the changes that have been made.”

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