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Urbach to speak at Lanier Tea Party Patriots meeting
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Gainesville's Memorial Day parade

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Marc Alan Urbach will be speaking to the Lanier Tea Party Patriots group at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Gainesville Civic Center.

“Starting in 1947, the court in the famous case of Everson v. Board of Education started a great paradigm shift in the meaning of Thomas Jefferson’s phrase, ‘a wall of separation of church and state,’” Urbach said in a press release announcing the appearance. “After this case the court began to strike down and make illegal religious freedoms that were legal and constitutionally protected from the previous 160 years.’”

Urbach, an author and former Gwinnett County teacher, will discuss this issue at the meeting. Urbach will discuss how he believes members of Congress have completely violated their oaths in many aspects of the Constitution.

Urbach has appeared on several radio talk shows this past year. His latest book is “Believe: Do We Need a Third Great Awakening?”

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