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University of North Georgia joins health initiative to get students moving
Signage placed to encourage walking while campuses compete
Signs placed around the University of North Georgia campus encourage faculty, staff and students to get moving as part of the HealthTrails intiative.

Around 10 yellow and blue signs have been placed around the University of North Georgia campus with the intention of getting students and employees moving and walking.

“The signs are one way that UNG is encouraging the campus community to be healthy and fit,” Associate Vice President of University Relations Kate Maine said.

UNG is participating in the University System of Georgia’s six-week health and wellness initiative, HealthTrails, which kicked off at all five of UNG’s campuses March 20.

As of that date, more than 350 faculty and staff had signed up for the challenge, which logs steps, water consumption and monitors healthy activities via Fitbit or Jawbone devices. The winning school will receive a trophy and lunch.

The signs touting the initiatives were met with mixed reviews from students.

Avid walker and UNG student Lauren Eckert said she appreciated what the school was trying to do but didn’t understand why the signs were placed where they are.

“My understanding is that the signs were put up at the entrances to the path for visibility,” Maine said. “There is no correlation to distance.”

Eckert said the signs would make more sense to her if they were placed a mile or even half-mile apart from one another.

“Perhaps they could also add fun facts about the number of calories you’ll burn if you walk a certain distance,” Eckert, 23, said.

Amanda Wardrop noticed the signs a few days ago, but didn’t know what they were.

Wardrop loves hiking and walks trails whenever she has the free time, but usually not on campus.

“I might go on the school trails now,” she said.

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