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UNGs increased budget goes toward employee costs
Bonita Jacobs
UNG President Bonita Jacobs

An increased budget at the University of North Georgia for fiscal year 2016 reflects increased costs for employees, according to university officials.

Kate Maine, associate vice president of university relations, noted the university has increased faculty and staff levels and insurance costs have gone up.

Educational and general fund budgets on all of the university’s campuses increased by $13.98 million to a total $129.69 million. 

Since the 2013 consolidation of Gainesville State College and North Georgia College & State University, employee pay has also gradually been adjusted to resolve discrepancies in pay between the two institutions.

Additionally, in the past year, Gov. Nathan Deal implemented a merit-based pay increase for state employees that Maine said the university has begun.

“And the supplement for the teacher retirement system, which is one of the retirement options that university employees have — that went up this year as well,” Maine said.

UNG President Bonita Jacobs also received a 3 percent salary increase, approved by the University System of Georgia. This brings her base pay to $229,665 and her total compensation, including a housing allowance and subsistence, to $283,065.

That’s in line with some other presidents in the university system who were granted salary increases. Steve Dorman, Georgia College and State University president, now makes $294,006 in total compensation, while Columbus State University President Chris Markwood makes $312,800 and Kennesaw State University President Dan Papp makes $353,991.

Meanwhile, University of Georgia President Jere Morehead was granted a 43 percent pay increase to $811,353, and Georgia Institute of Technology President, the highest-paid Georgia university president, was granted a 41 percent increase to $1.09 million in total compensation.

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