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Threat rumor put to rest at North Hall High
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Officials determined a note found at North Hall High School did not indicate a threat to the school.

According to a letter sent by Principal Joe Gheesling, a student found a piece of paper Monday morning "that contained wording that (he) felt warranted further scrutiny. There was no specific threat or target mentions, nor was there any indication as to how long the piece of paper had been on the floor."

Gheesling wrote he "take(s) no chances when it comes to this sort of thing" and immediately began investigating and contacted an investigator with Hall County Sheriff's Office.

They determined the note posed no threat.

"What we always try to do, as Mr. Gheesling did here, is any time we get something that can be perceived as any threat, we're always going to do our due diligence and follow up and do whatever we can," said Gordon Higgins, spokesman for the school system.