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The Local Agenda: Gainesville to take final vote on raising water, sewer rates
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Gainesville City Council is scheduled to vote again to raise water and sewer rates at its meeting today.

Water rates would increase by 3.5 percent for city water customers, which includes a large portion of Hall County. Sewer rates are projected to rise by 1.75 percent in the proposed budget and the account service fee would go from $4 to $4.25

The “per unit” water charge for residents living in Gainesville would go from $2.44 to $2.53 and from $7.26 to $7.39 for sewer. The percentage change is the same for Hall County residents, but water rates are twice the city rates.

County “per unit” rates would increase from $4.88 to $5.06 for water, but sewer rates would match the city rate of $7.39. The city of Oakwood sewer rate, which isn’t subsidized, would go from $8.16 to $8.40 per unit.

If these rates are approved by the Gainesville council for next year, they would take effect Jan. 1.

Unincorporated county residents pay a higher differential amount to compensate the city for the added service cost. The council hiked water rates 3 percent and sewer rates 3.5 percent in 2013. Rates for 2012 increased 4 percent for water and 4.25 percent for sewer.

Council to set millage rate for area schools

The council is also expected to take its second vote to set the property tax rate for the Gainesville Board of Education 2014 budget. It’s likely to stay at 7.59 mills, the rolled-up amount approved by the City Board of Education in the fall.

One mill is equal to $1 for each $1,000 in assessed property value, with property in the city assessed at 100 percent.

Wessell Park set to start renovations

Renovation at Wessell Park is set to begin today. Areas inside orange construction fencing are closed to the public because they are under construction.

City officials said the construction won’t affect the playground or the swings area.

The first phase of Gainesville Parks and Recreation’s renovations to the park includes removing the existing tennis courts and basketball court and building new ones. It’s expected to take about two months.

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