Hall, Gainesville schools to hold remote learning day Thursday, as Hurricane Zeta bears down on Gulf Coast
The Gainesville City School System will not hold in-person classes on Thursday, Oct. 29, as Hall County prepares strong winds and heavy rain expected from Hurricane Zeta. Class is still in session but will be hosted virtually, the school system says.
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Testimony: Seeing suspect brought back memories of alleged sexual assault
Rique Reyes 2017
Rique Reyes

An officer testified about sexual assault allegations from 2012 and 2013 recently disclosed and investigated by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

Rique Lee Reyes, 27, was charged with rape and two counts of aggravated sodomy. He appeared Monday in Magistrate Court for a committal hearing.

Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad Agent Joy Mayfield said the case arrived on her desk in May.

Mayfield met with the alleged victim’s family, saying she disclosed the alleged encounters after seeing Reyes after multiple years.

“Seeing him at Goodwill triggered the memory,” the agent said.

The sheriff’s office said the alleged sexual relationship happened when the girl was between 7 and 9 years old between August 2012 and November 2013.

The girl was taken for a forensic interview.

“She was withdrawn. She spoke very articulately about what had happened to her, but she had a hard time making eye contact with (the interviewer),” Mayfield said.

Mayfield said this allegedly happened “while he was babysitting her.”

Defense attorney Dawn Seibert cross-examined the agent on the unknown details and the timeline of the alleged acts.

“So she wasn’t able to give time of year, time of day, just that he was babysitting?” Seibert asked, to which Mayfield concurred.

Reyes was questioned by police, initially denying any sexual activity and saying he didn’t know the answer to many early questions in the interview.

The judge sent the case on to Superior Court.

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