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Teeth-whitening fundraiser will aid Good News Clinics
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Good News Clinics are getting a boost from local dentists.

From April through June, participating dentists will offer free teeth-whitening to anyone who makes a $250 donation to the Green Warren Dental Clinic at Good News Clinics.

This is the second year dentists are participating in the Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures fundraiser.

Dr. Tom Field, the orthodontist organizing the event, said he hopes to recruit 40 dentists this year to raise $50,000 following last year’s success.

“Last year was our first year and I wasn’t sure how it would go,” Field said. “We ended up at $39,250.”

Field said he got the idea for the event from a Lawrenceville fundraiser for a cancer clinic.

“I got thinking, Gainesville is a nice community,” Field said. “Maybe we can utilize something like this here to raise money.”

Field said there is a great need for services like those offered by Good News, which treats those who are uninsured and cannot afford dental care.

In dentistry, there is a lot of talk about improving access to care, Field said.

“(Good News Clinics) can’t solve the problem but they can be one of the solutions,” Field said. “It keeps people out of the emergency rooms ... It’s a real benefit to not only the people but our medical system.”

Field hopes there will be interest in the fundraiser because people often consider teeth-whitening a luxury.

“They don’t have to feel bad about spending the money,” Field said. “This way they feel like they’re doing something good for someone else and at the same time brightening their smile.”

The Green Warren Clinic is run by volunteer dentists.

“They need funds to run the place and do what they do,” Field said. “It supports the clinic and comes up with funds in a difficult time.”

A number of dentists have already agreed to participate in the program, but Field said he can deliver whitening kits to any dentist if their patient has made a donation to Good News.

“I’m hoping that every dentist in town will be willing to do this,” Field said. “I would encourage people to ask their dentist if they’d be willing to do it ... We’re trying to get the patients aware.”

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