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Spring love: Local residents ready for warm, sunny weather
Adrianne Hornick and Mike Nardini enjoy a picnic lunch on a sunny, warm Friday afternoon at Wilshire Trails Park. Nice weather was forecast to continue today, just in time for the first day of spring.

It looks like the first day of spring will be appropriately bright and cheerful.

After a particularly long and cold winter, many are thrilled warm weather is beginning to set in.

The clear sunny weather started on Friday. Adrianne Hornick and Mike Nardini had a picnic lunch Friday in Ivey Terrace Park.

“I’m on my lunch hour, but I thought I’d make the most of it — it’s so pretty,” Hornick said. “It makes you happy; it puts you in a good mood.”

The two plan to enjoy the warm weather this weekend, too, by taking their dogs for a walk and going to Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain.

“This is a welcome blessing to have a day like this, especially when you get to spend it with someone you care about,” Nardini said.

It is supposed to be sunny and clear all day today with a high temperature of 72 F, said Kent Frantz, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Frantz said spring officially starts at 1:32 p.m.

“That’s when you have the vernal equinox, when the sun is exactly at the east at 90 degrees,” he said.

But the nice weather may not last all weekend.

“With spring you’ve got to expect some showers,” Frantz said.

On Sunday there will be an 80 percent chance of showers and possible thunderstorms. The high is expected to be in the low 60s.

Warmer weather should return by Wednesday.

“The outlook for next week is to rebound and get some highs up around 70,” Frantz said.

Many may be hoping to get some gardening started this weekend, but Frantz said though spring is officially here, there could be a chance for a final freeze. He recommended holding off on planting any sensitive plants until mid-April when the threat of frost is clear.

“Most last season freezes in the north (of Georgia) are about the first week of April,” Frantz said.

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