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Signs for new sporting goods store go up at mall
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David Lugo, right, and a North Atlanta Installations worker check the inch-and-an-eighth bolts that hold together the lower “tag line” — Sporting Goods — to the larger “Dick’s” sign at the new store’s rear entrance. - photo by NAT GURLEY

Workers hoisted twin 5-ton signs into place at the front and rear entrances of the new Dick’s Sporting Goods at Lakeshore Mall on Wednesday, putting a visible accent on the 45-year-old Gainesville landmark’s makeover.

The signs, made in Bensalem, Pa., by Imageone Industries, came south on four trucks, said vice president of field operations David Lugo on Wednesday. They each weigh 10,100 pounds and measure 20 feet high by 48 feet, 10 inches wide, Lugo said. It takes about two days to unload, set up and install each sign, he said.

Dick’s is scheduled to open in early October according to store officials.

Renovations at the Pearl Nix Parkway center are part of the plan to attract new retailers and customers, and included consolidating some of the smaller stores into one area and adding Dick’s between anchor stores J.C. Penney Co. and Sears.

Plans include either a renovation or brand new Penney’s, and the Gainesville City Council and Board of Education have approved a request by mall owner Garrison Investment Group to make the property a tax allocation district, raising more than $2 million in public monies for nearby infrastructure, including Gainesville High School.

Imageone, which does all the Dick’s signage, according to Lugo, hired Cleveland, Ga.-based North Atlanta Installation to lift the signs into place, as well as Baker Cabling of Dawsonville to do all the electrical work at the store.

Lugo, taking a break once the Gainesville sign was in place, said he was once installing a Dick’s sign in San Diego, when the city’s detective division showed up en masse to pose with the huge namesake sign resting on the ground.

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