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Should you idle your engine?
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People are doing everything they can to save gas these days, but AAA Auto Club South spokesman Randy Bly said turning the car off instead of idling may not be the best way.

"There’s not a lot of fuel that’s consumed if you’re idling," Bly said.

Though idling does burn gas, Bly suggested assessing the situation you are in before you turn the car on and off.

He suggested that if you are in a situation where you will be waiting for a period of time without moving, turning the car off may be the best option.

"If you’re in a traffic jam and it’s not one of those that moves and inches ahead, definitely shut your car off," Bly said.

But, for example, if you are waiting in line at a gas station for your turn to pump, turning off the ignition may actually be worse.

"Sometimes it can be harder on a vehicle (and) actually use more fuel by shutting it off and starting it again," Bly said. "I’m not sure that really saves a whole lot quite frankly."

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