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Hall County Jail supervisor Ken Nix responds to misconduct investigation
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Ken Nix

A Hall County Jail supervisor has responded to the internal investigation that led to eight jail employees resigning or being suspended this month.

Lt. Ken Nix told The Times he had been due to retire Dec. 20 and decided to retire about a month early Nov. 25. He said he became aware of the misconduct on Nov. 13 and reported the activities, leading the Sheriff’s Office to open an internal investigation.

Nix said he was not involved with the sexual misconduct between employees, but he saw that his leadership was being questioned. He said he was not aware of any intent to fire him.

“It occurred on my watch. I can accept that,” he said.

He said lieutenants are aware that they can be held responsible for employees’ actions.

Nix said the misconduct involved sexual activity between employees while they were on duty, and that it appears to have been consensual.

No inmates were involved in the investigation, which involved employees working the same night shift at the jail, according to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation found several violations of policy and procedure related to unbecoming conduct, unsatisfactory performance of duty, sexual misconduct between the employees, and a failure to supervise, the Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday.

The Times has filed an open records request to learn more about the investigation. The Sheriff’s Office has declined to clarify which employees are accused of which infraction.

The employees involved include:

  • Deputy Randall Norton, Resigned during pre-termination hearing

  • Jailer Dani Colella, Resigned during pre-termination hearing

  • Jailer Christopher Smith, Resigned during pre-termination hearing

  • Deputy Daniel Harris, Suspended five days

  • Jailer Kingston Morris, Suspended two days

  • Jailer Alexis Mitchell, Resigned while under investigation

  • Sgt. Andrew Ondo, Resigned while under investigation

  • Lt. Ken Nix, Retired/Resigned