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County expected to combine 2 fire division chief positions into 1
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In an effort to address two vacancies in the Fire Services department, the Hall County Board of Commissioners is expected to approve an employment agreement to create a new deputy chief of preparedness position.

If approved, the new position will be filled by Tim Woodward and has the combined responsibilities of the previously vacated division chief of training and division chief of safety and special operations positions, as well as additional supervisory duties.

According to Hall County Fire Chief Chris Armstrong at the April 5 work session meeting, the deputy chief of preparedness will be responsible for overseeing the county’s fire training division and special operations and logistics in the Fire Marshal’s office.

Katie Crumley, spokesperson for the county, said the county didn’t want to “prematurely” comment on the new position or Woodward, until the board votes on the matter on April 8.

Woodward is listed as an instructor for Hall County recruit training sessions for would-be county EMTs, firefighters and other emergency personnel.

According to county documents, the vacancies occurred when one division chief resigned and the other transferred to another department head position. 

Pending the commissioners’ approval through its consent agenda at its April 8 voting meeting, Woodward is expected to assume his post on April 11.

The new position will cost the county $157,681 to implement. 

According to the employment agreement, the position will offer a salary of $110,000, but the county reserves the right to put “cost reduction measures” on the position if they lack financial resources.

“Combining these two positions with additional supervisory duties will bring the department leadership into a more balanced and performing state to carry out its mission, which benefits the department personnel and the citizens and visitors of Hall County,” a county document states.

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