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Police give timeline of Buford standoff that ended with father, son dead
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A man holding his son in a Buford home’s master bedroom fired one shot through the door at SWAT team officers before firing at his son, according to police.

Gwinnett County Police revealed more details Thursday on the 19-hour standoff with Thy Ho, 43, holding his son, Phillip Nguyen, 2. Both died Wednesday night after suffering gunshot wounds.

Police were first called at 9:48 p.m. Tuesday to the 1000 block of Beyers Landing Drive in Buford about a domestic dispute between Ho and the caller’s mother.

“The daughter said that her mother’s boyfriend was holding her and her (15-year-old) brother inside the home at gunpoint and threatening to shoot everyone and commit suicide,” according to a timeline provided by Gwinnett County Police.

The first officers arrived on scene at 10:03 p.m., and the SWAT team was activated 14 minutes later.

The caller and her 15-year-old brother were at the command post, and the mother exited the home at 10:48 p.m.

“Throughout the standoff, negotiators spoke to the suspect numerous times over the phone and via text,” police said. “(T)he calls were very short with limited dialogue. During those brief dialogues, he requested to speak to his girlfriend.”

Cpl. Deon Washington explained that these requests were denied to prevent Ho from making “last statements to a loved one.”

Around 4 a.m., Ho’s parents received a picture of Nguyen sleeping in the bed, police said. Because of the long hours and cold temperatures, DeKalb County’s SWAT team relieved Gwinnett County early Wednesday morning.

Ho moved the dresser behind the master bedroom door and requested food and cigarettes around 3 p.m. Wednesday.

An hour later, one shot went through the master bedroom door aimed at the SWAT team.

“Seconds later, two additional shots are fired by the suspect that is when he and the child are shot,” police said.

SWAT officers immediately entered the bedroom and evacuated the two from the scene. Nguyen was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, and Ho went to Gwinnett Medical Center.