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In Our Community: Georgia Mountain Food Bank receives $10,000 grant for food for diabetics
Kay Blackstock, right, executive director of the Georgia Mountain Food Bank, receives a $10,000 grant from Amerigroup Georgia’s marketing account manager, Sarah Pedraza. - photo by For The Times

Amerigroup Georgia awarded a $10,000 grant to the Georgia Mountain Food Bank to provide low-income diabetes patients with food boxes tailored to their nutritional needs. 

A prescriptive food box program began as a pilot program between the food bank and Good News Clinics in 2016 in response to a growing national movement recognizing the importance of healthy food, especially for those with specific diseases. Due to its success, additional pilot projects were added at The Longstreet Clinic and Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic last year.

All patients enrolled in the program are screened to determine whether they are “food insecure,” meaning they often don’t know how they’ll afford their next meal. In addition to distributing regular boxes for food-insecure patients at Good News Clinics, prescriptive boxes are distributed to the diabetic and heart failure patients. Longstreet Clinic provides boxes to diabetic patients, and Northeast Diagnostic Clinic uses them for its oncology patients. 

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