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Oakwood Police warn of Twitter pizza scam
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A man buying pizza thought he was getting a great discount until Oakwood Police knocked on his front door, Sgt. Danny Sridej said.

Police are warning of a scam involving a Twitter account offering a $52 meal from Domino’s Pizza for a $10 payment through PayPal.

Sridej said the scam artist is posing as a Domino’s employee and offers discounted prices for food.

After obtaining the potential victim’s name, telephone number and address, the scam artist places the order paying with stolen credit card numbers, Sridej said.

“As a result of the scam, the scam artist profits $10 and leaves the (unsuspecting) person (to) possibly be arrested and charged with identity theft, credit card fraud and theft by deception for accepting the delivery of the discount pizza and food products from Domino’s without paying for the food,” Sridej said in a news release.

Oakwood Police started the investigation Tuesday after an incident at the Mundy Mill Road Domino’s in Oakwood.

Sridej said the scam artist also offers discounts for Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Chipotle and Wingstop. The investigator said he was working with PayPal to find more information, as the department does not know where the scam artist is or how long this has been going on.

Sridej said the victim in this case was college-aged.

“He should have known that you can’t buy $52 worth of pizza from Domino’s for $10. Domino’s would never sell that low,” he said.