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New Republican group knocks film industry, praises Roy Moore
Roy Moore 2017
Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore - photo by Associated Press

A new Republican organization in Hall County has come out with its first position statements, including support for Roy Moore, a leading Senate candidate in Alabama, and criticism of Georgia state government’s relationship with Hollywood.

The Lanier Republican Assembly formed at the end of July and covers much of Georgia’s ruby-red 9th Congressional District. LRA leadership consist of many members of the Hall County Republican Party, including First Vice Chair Kimberly Pils, who leads the LRA.

While the Hall County GOP’s job is to grow the party membership and field and cultivate candidates to run for local and state office, the LRA has set itself up to do this and more, including endorse candidates and take positions on issues.

The first group of those, an eclectic collection of statements, was sent by Pils to local media Monday.

One of them raises questions about Georgia’s courting of the film industry in light of recent sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled at film producer Harvey Weinstein.

“The Lanier Republican Assembly requests that Georgia’s Republican elected officials reevaluate their unwavering commitment and embrace conservative principles,” the announcement stated. “The Lanier Republican Assembly urges these elected officials to support healthy family-focused media by balancing budgets that do not include acceptance of funding from sources that degrade American family values.”

The announcement said that the allegations “are disturbing and an affront to the conservative values” of the LRA.

Among the announcements was also a celebration of Roy Moore, an ousted chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore handily won the Alabama Republican primary in late September. He’s now up against Democrat Doug Jones in the general election.

Moore was supported by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who also heads Breitbart News.

The LRA also congratulated Alex Johnson, president of the Georgia Republican Assembly, for being elected to the leadership of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.

Finally, the LRA criticized the Hall County Board of Commissioners for holding an open meeting in Augusta, saying it was concerned about the costs of travel and lack of access to the meeting.

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