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New Holland celebrates Hispanic heritage
Students bring Mexican food, play games
Amanda Teasley, kindergarten teacher at New Holland, leads a game of loteria, or Mexican bingo. - photo by Kristen Oliver

Kindergartners at New Holland Knowledge Academy took a few lessons in another language Friday.

The grade celebrated Hispanic Heritage Day on Friday, specifically, Mexican culture and heritage. Families were encouraged to bring in authentic food and desserts to share with the classes and to observe the lesson.

Kindergarten teacher Amanda Teasley joked with the parents, asking for help with her Spanish speaking skills.

The six different kindergarten classrooms each had a different lesson for the students. Teasley led a game of “loteria,” which is a kind of Mexican bingo. Other teachers taught lessons about the Mexican flag, authentic songs and dances and more.

“We’re rotating between classes,” Teasley said. “It’s a lot of fun.”