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Motorists beware: Horses loose in Gillsville Highway area
One horse struck by a car and killled Monday night; 2 others still roaming free
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Hall County authorities are urging motorists and property owners to be on the lookout for two missing horses that are loose near Gillsville Highway and Joe Parker Road.

A third horse was struck by a car and killed Monday night. Occupants of the vehicle were unharmed, according to a news release from Hall County. Other details of the accident weren’t immediately known.

Mike Ledford, director of animal control, said a 1,200-pound horse is a serious traffic hazard. In May, a man was killed when his car struck a horse on U.S. 129 near Gaines Mill Road.

Animal Services has received several reports about the two remaining horses near Gillsville Highway since Monday’s accident, but the horses disappeared before officers arrived.

“We definitely want to be proactive and get them corralled,” Ledford said. “Obviously, it’s a public safety issue.”

It is not known at this time where the horses came from.

“If we can figure out who owned them we can go to them for help,” Ledford said.

Anyone who spots the missing animals is asked to immediately call Animal Services dispatch at 770-531-6830.

“We’re trying to do a community service so nobody gets hurt and the animals don’t get hurt,” Ledford said.

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