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Man gets 25-year sentence in fatal shooting of sister
Bradley Holland
Bradley Holland

Bradley Holland said he loved his sister, Stacey Allison, and considered her his best friend before Superior Court Judge Bonnie Oliver handed down a 25-year sentence for her death.

Holland’s charges were amended to voluntary manslaughter Thursday from an original felony murder charge. The malice murder charge was dismissed.

“The reason we’re reducing this to manslaughter is that there are issues in terms of, I guess, the defense possible theories … as to how Stacey was killed,” Chief Assistant District Attorney Wanda Vance said at the plea hearing.

The first 16 years of the sentence will be in confinement, and the remainder can be served on probation.

Holland’s wife Shannon Holland previously told The Times she was trying to separate her husband and Allison during a fight when the gun went off Nov. 18.

Vance asked Shannon Holland about previous reports and allegations of violence in Bradley Holland’s past, of which Shannon Holland said some were not factual.

Bradley Holland’s mother addressed the judge about losing her daughter and the worry about losing Holland as well, not being able to touch or hug him again.

The mother and son exchanged “I love you” as Holland described the relationships with his family.

“I’ve never had anybody in my life who has stuck by me the way she does,” Bradley Holland said of his wife.

Holland was given 16 years to serve in confinement and four years of probation for the voluntary manslaughter and five years of probation on possession of a gun by a felon, according to court documents.

Oliver warned Bradley Holland if he was anywhere near a firearm again that she would not have any mercy.

“This is your last straw,” she said.

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