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Major projects: Where will the money from SPLOST VI go?
Several sewer infrastructure projects are proposed in SPLOST VI. - photo by Tom Reed

If approved, SPLOST VI would start when the current SPLOST V ends, June 30. It will be collected through June 2015. Of the $240 million that would be raised in SPLOST VI, more than $195 million will be spent on county projects. Here’s a breakdown of some of the major county projects and how much they will cost.

Public works: $72 million

Some $45 million is dedicated to construction projects such as the Sardis Road Connector and widening Spout Springs Road. Funds also will be used to maintain existing roads through paving, resurfacing, culvert replacements and traffic safety improvements.

The Candler Road Landfill will continue to receive money to continue construction.

Building construction projects: $28 million

Among the new facilities would be a $10 million sheriff’s headquarters and patrol division, a $5 million replacement for the Correctional Institution, a new library in North Hall and expansion of a health department clinic for children with special needs.

Smaller projects include relocating the Green Street post office, construction of a new welcome center and airport improvements.

Courthouse and administration building projects: $17 million

The historic 1936 courthouse will undergo a restoration and rehabilitation, and the Courthouse Annex will be converted into courtroom space to accommodate growth.

Hall County Administration now occupies the annex space, so part of the money will be spent on a new space for the administrative offices.

Water and sewer: $53 million

Another large portion will go to expanding sewer infrastructure to the north and south ends of Hall County.

Water line extensions will include the Ga. 365 corridor, the Mulberry Creek sewer project and the Spout Springs Waste Water Reclamation facility.

Fire and emergency medical projects: $4 million

This portion will purchase new fire equipment and ambulances.

Parks and leisure service projects: $21 million

Two parks are planned, one in North Hall and one in South Hall, that would be built on land purchased with $11 million in previous SPLOST funds.

The park facilities could include baseball, softball and soccer fields, basketball courts, playgrounds and walking trails.

A new community center is in the works, and improvements to existing facilities such as the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center and Elachee Nature Science Center are budgeted.

What’s left over goes to other municipalities.

The remaining $44,963,000 of SPLOST is divided between eight cities.

Gainesville: $35.5 million. Among Gainesville’s top projects is a $16.5 million public safety facility, including space for police and municipal courts. There is also a planned replacement for Fire Station 1 and downtown streetscape.

Oakwood: $3.8 million. Transportation and sewer projects are top priorities.

Flowery Branch: 2.5 million. The biggest project is the Cinnamon Cove Lift Station and Force Main that will cost $1.3 million.

Lula: $1.9 million. $1.3 million of Lula’s SPLOST money would go toward sewer projects.

Clermont: $950,000. New buildings, parks and streets.

Gillsville: $240,000. Gillsville will be improving its downtown area.

Braselton: $32,000 for road improvements.

Buford: $141,000 for road improvements.