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Lula seeks to thwart illicit behavior in public restrooms
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Lula is having horrific troubles with its public restrooms, including people caught in sex acts and indecent exposure, as well as one person who died, officials believe, as result of “illicit behavior.”

“It’s frustrating for us because it’s the type of thing you can’t manage very well,” City Manager Dennis Bergin said at Monday’s City Council work session.

“I will tell you, it’s disheartening,” he said. “You don’t want a few to ruin it for everyone else, but this seems to be ongoing.”

He went on to describe in graphic detail issues at city park restrooms, which are happening overnight.

“Any number of times, we have found drug paraphernalia and human feces placed on the walls,” Bergin said. “This has (happened) regularly.”

The drug items being found, including hypodermic needles, are being linked to methamphetamine and/or cocaine use.

Also, “people like to display their ... condoms,” Bergin said. “You can see where some people might think that’s comical. It’s actually pretty gross.”

“It’s not funny, as much money as we’ve spent on those bathrooms,” Councilman Garnett Smith said.

Bergin said he has talked to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office about the problem, and he hopes authorities “can help us find who might be the evildoers.”

“If they see some crowds congregating, they could just stick their head in the door,” he said. “You don’t want any of our constituents walking in on any of that stuff. That’s the worst part.”

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