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Under the Gold Dome: Day 31
Full coverage of the 2011 legislative session
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Both the House and Senate assigned bills from Crossover Day, or legislative Day 30 on March 16, when bills had to switch from one chamber to the other to pass the 2011 session.

The chambers delegated more than 100 pieces of legislation to committees, including hot topics such as Sunday alcohol sales and tax exemptions.
Lawmakers can continue to introduce legislation that will affect their local areas.

Floor debates start again later this week for the final 10 days of the legislative session.


Senate Resolution 431: Request the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to consider the safety of allowing El Paso Corp. to transport liquefied natural gas through Georgia.


House Bill 558: Allow preference for local resident businesses for public works projects.
HB 559: Increase punishment for assault and battery crimes on health care workers.
HB 560: Enact the Dalton-Whitfield County Charter and Consolidation Commission Act to combine the city and county governments.
HB 561: Allow the Dodge County Board of Education officers to receive compensation.
HB 562: Allow the Dodge County commission to appoint a chief financial officer.
HB 563: Allow Atlanta to levy a 1 percent excise tax.
HB 564: Under conservation use assessments for ad valorem tax purposes, allow property use for collection and conversion of solar energy to not be a breach of the conservation use covenant.
HB 565: Change how the Georgia Crime Information Center discloses records to private persons.
HB 566: Create the Jefferson County board of elections and registration.
HB 567: Give public school students the option to not release their personal information to military recruiters.
HB 568: Provide limited exceptions to the three-tier distribution of alcoholic beverages.
HB 569: Create the Charlton County board of elections and registration.
HB 570: Provide compensation for the Charlton County chief magistrate.
House Resolution 610: Recognize the Harris Neck Land Trust and return the land from the federal government to McIntosh County.
HR 615: Urge Savannah and Southeast Liquefied Natural Gas to form a committee to study the transport of liquefied natural gas through Chatham County.
HR 616: Support federal legislation to protect consumers from certain cosmetic products.

Both chambers also passed various resolutions to recognize special days and people.

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