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Under the Gold Dome: Day 20
Full coverage of the 2011 legislative session
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The state House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee passed a bill that would crack down on illegal immigration in Georgia.

House Bill 87 sponsored by Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, passed out of the committee easily Monday despite an attempt by Democrats to table it.

The proposed law will now move to the House Rules Committee, which decides when the bill gets to the House floor. Ramsey hopes it will be up for a House vote this week.

Ramsey's bill would require all employers in the state with more than four employees to verify the immigration status of new hires. It would also make it a felony to present false documents or information when applying for a job.


Senate Bill 152: Exempt day-care and child care learning centers from certain licensing and regulations if operated as part of a local church ministry or nonprofit religious school.
SB 153: Require professional development plans for school personnel who have deficiencies.
SB 154: Revise the laws for the Sumter County Board of Education and school superintendent.
SB 155: Enact the Jarrett Little Act, which gives indemnification payments to parents or siblings if a person does not have an unremarried spouse or dependents.
SB 156: Remove certain audit and reporting requirements for the Emergency Telephone Number 911 System.
SB 157: Allow local solid waste management and reporting to be optional.
SB 158: Exclude airbag costs when estimating the motor vehicle repair costs for a total loss settlement.
SB 159: Clarify that certain information generated as a result of an economic development project conducted by a private person or entity doesn't constitute public information.
SB 160: Allow public utility corporations to make contributions to political campaigns.
SB 161: Establish an Office of College and Career Transitions and provide funding for partnerships with postsecondary institutions to establish college and career academies as charter schools.
SB 162: Require that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs by an illegal immigrant is a felony.
SB 163: Create requirements for identification of campaign communications, advertising and literature.
SB 164: Expand mandatory reporting of child abuse to include abortions and reproductive health care facilities.
SB 165: Require maintenance of forensic samples from abortions performed on children under 16 years old by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


House Bill 357: Allow a person authorized to conduct investigations by the secretary of state to receive motor vehicle registration records and title certificates.
HB 358: Provide staggered terms for Burke County Board of Commissioners.
HB 359: Give sales and use tax exemptions to qualified job training organizations.
HB 360: Remove "intentional acts" from motor carrier transportation contracts.
HB 361: Require pharmacists to include prescription drug retail price on the receipt.
HB 362: Authorize refunds and deductions of bad debts for sales and use taxes.
HB 363: Require the net proceeds of the Georgia Lottery Corp. to equal at least 35 percent of lottery proceeds each fiscal year.
HB 364: Levy an excise tax on Peachtree City.
HB 365: Allow certain subscription agreements for prepaid air ambulance to not constitute a contract of insurance.
HB 366: Give sales and use tax exemptions to natural or artificial gas for manufacturing.
HB 367: Promote production, purchase and consumption of Georgia-grown farm products.
HB 368: Enact the Agricultural Water Supply Protection Act, which would regulate interbasin transfers of water and change provisions relating to permits for withdrawal, diversion or impoundment of surface waters.
HB 369: Revise education income tax credit provisions for student scholarship organizations.
HB 370: Require a trend test on property and casualty companies for risk-based capital levels.
HB 371: Prevent the state from having an insurable interest on the lives of public officers or employees.
HB 372: Provide for the release of unclaimed bonds one year after surety is released.
HB 373: Allow restrictive custody orders for designated felony acts.
HB 374: Change examinations and certificates of registration for cosmetologists, and require some to be submitted to the state Board of Cosmetology.
HB 375: Require staggered terms of office for Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.
HB 376: Modify the qualifications for an honorary office of sheriff emeritus to include those who are age 65 and served as sheriff for more than 20 years.
HB 377: Enact the Tourism and Community Development Act to fund tourism attraction projects through a tourism project sales tax.
HB 378: Enact the Hemophilia Advisory Board Act to board to provide expert advice to the state on health and insurance policies, plans and programs that impact individuals with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.
HB 379: Provide sales and use tax exemptions for personal property of certain nonprofit health centers.
HB 380: Revise the requirements for continuing care providers and facilities relating to finances and disclosure reports.
HB 381: Create an additional moratorium to limit property valuation increases.
HB 382: Allow any municipality that currently has a 7 percent levy to impose an additional levy related to public accommodation charges for promotion of tourism, conventions and trade shows.
HB 383: Change how sales and use taxes are collected from manufactured single-family structures.
HB 384: Modify job tax credit received and revise investment tax credits for joint authorities.
HB 385: Create a comprehensive revision of the state's tax structure. HB 386-388 are other versions of this bill.
HB 389: Change taxpayer refunds and interest so interest on sales or use tax claims for refund or credit shall be refunded at the rate of 1 percent per month from the date a complete claim is filed.
HB 390: Allow the state to have the right of direct appeal in criminal cases.
HB 391: Create municipal elections for the city of Monticello.
House Resolution 407: Urge corporations in Georgia to deposit money in African American financial institutions.
HR 419: Appropriate motor fuels sales taxes for public-use airports.
HR 420: Require communications services taxes to go directly to counties.
HR 421: Create the Economic Development Trust Fund to provide tax credits for job creation and capital investment by qualifying businesses.
HR 422: Require tax exemptions or credits to comply with fiscal impact standards.

Both chambers also passed various resolutions to recognize special days and people.

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