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Many elements factor into determining Hall County tax bills
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Who is responsible for what when it comes to determining my Hall County tax bill?

The Hall County Board of Commissioners sets the tax rate. For the fiscal year 2015 budget, the tax rate is set at 5.989 mills. A mill represents $1 for each $1,000 of property value, which is assessed at 40 percent in the county.

The Hall County Board of Education establishes its own tax rate, which is 18.9 mills for fiscal 2015. The Board of Commissioners then levies that tax for the school board.

The Board of Tax Assessors determines what property is taxable and ensures properties are appraised and assessed so all taxpayers pay their fair share of the tax burden. This board notifies taxpayers of their property assessments annually and when changes are made to the value. It approves exemption applications and processes appeals filed by taxpayers.

Steve Watson is the chief appraiser with this office.

The tax commissioner, Darla Eden, then bills the property tax by using the value set by the Board of Tax Assessors and the millage rate set by the Board of Commissioners.

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